Oxeye Daisy
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
(Sunflower family)

Oxeye daisy is a native of Eurasia that has escaped ornamental cultivation in the U.S. It can be found in forested areas, meadows, roadsides and waste places. People picking these flowers easily spread them.

Growth Habit: Upright, rhizomatous perennial, 10 to 24 inches tall.

Leaves: First year leaves are spoon-shaped, dark green, grow as a low round mound, with a light green leaf stalk and toothed edges. Second year is the same with numerous stems that are somewhat hairy and may be reddish. Long narrow leaves grow right against the stem, becoming fewer and smaller as they grow upwards.

Flower: Solitary, 1½ inches wide, numerous white petals and a yellow center. Flowers from June to August, each producing about 200 seeds.

Roots: Perennial roots grow several inches deep and grow more plants on short creeping rhizomes.