Want to find out what’s growing on your property? We’re here to help!

There’s many reasons to identify plants on your property. To name a few:
  1. Is this a beneficial species or is this a weed?
  2. Is this plant toxic/dangerous to my family/pets/livestock?
  3. Do I need to implement management practices to control this species?
  4. Will this unknown species cause damage to the native ecosystem?

There are many apps and resources available on the internet to assist with plant identification. A fairly reliable app, iNaturalist, is available for iPhone and Android.

Russian knapweed

If you’re having trouble identifying a plant species, feel free to reach out for assistance. Follow the steps below to insure that we have all of the required information to help you make an identification.

There are a few ways to submit a plant for identification:

  1. Bring a freshly uprooted plant to our office, making sure to include the whole plant (including roots if possible)
  2. Submit pictures using the Google Forms link below (note; you will need to be signed into your Google account to submit pictures)
  3. Text us at 307-320-5266

Picture Submission


If you are submitting pictures for ID, please include clear, high-quality images that include the whole plant (including root system if possible), leaves, flowers/buds, and any other identifying characteristics. A sentence or two about the location the plant was found in can also be helpful. 

While pictures can be very useful in identification, there may be times that CCWP personnel will require additional photographs or information in order to make an informed and correct identification. 


Click here to be redirected to the Google Submission Form