Seaside Arrowgrass

Seaside Arrowgrass
Triglochin martima
(Arrowgrass family)

Growth Habit: Native perennial which reproduces from rhizomes and seeds.

Leaves: Basal leaves are thick and succulent-like. Round appearance, with rounded indention on one side.


Flowers: Small, green in color, and inconspicuous.

Seeds: Fruit is borne in small pods having six compartments, each containing a single seed. The pods surround the seed stalk, but each is attached by a short pedicel.

Roots: Short and fibrous

Other: Grows in small patches in wet, alkaline soils. Contains hydrocyanic acid which is highly poisonous to livestock. Only 0.25 pounds is required to cause sudden death in a yearling calf. However, the poison does not accumulate within the animal, meaning they must eat enough at one time. Cured hay containing seaside arrowgrass has not been reported as toxic to livestock.