Common Burdock

Common Burdock
Artium minus

Growth Habit: Biennial, reproducing by seed only. Rosette formed in the first year, flowering stalk elongates in the second year.

Leaves: Hairy, alternate. Basal leaves are large and heart shaped, similar to rhubarb. Upper leaves are more oval shaped. Dull green above, greyish underneath.

Stems: Rough, hairy, somewhat grooved. Often grows over five feet tall.

Flowers: Numerous, up to 1 inch broad, clustered, purple. Seedheads are covered in hooked spines which form into a bur at maturity.

Roots: Large, fleshy taproot

Seeds: Rough and mottled brown in color. Somewhat flat shape with slight ridges.

Other: Common Burdock thrives in shade and most fertile soils.