Weed and Pest Application Booklets

Carbon County Weed & Pest has several books and booklets  that offer information about the weeds in Carbon County, surrounding areas, and the state. The Weeds of the West book is for sale (at cost share) and we also have various booklets and other reading material containing local problem weeds and solutions that are free of charge. If you are interested in any of these educational materials please contact one of our representatives or stop by the office.

PowerPoint Presentations & Poster Displays

 The Carbon County Weed and Pest has prepared a traveling PowerPoint Presentation that is used for educational purposes. If you are interested in having the PowerPoint come to you, we are more than happy to oblige.  The presentation is approximately 45 minutes to one hour long and can be adapted for any special needs you may have. We also have a large poster display board that is available upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in either of these resources, as they are a great tool for education purposes


Fair Display