Skeletonleaf Bursage
Ambrosia tomentosa
(Sunflower family)

Skeletonleaf bursage is native to the plains region but considered noxious. It grows in cultivated fields, pastures, prairies and waste areas. Reproduces by root and seed.

Growth Habit: Bushy perennial, 4 to 18 inches tall, with extensive creeping rootstocks.

Leaves: Deeply lobed and toothed, alternate, 2 to 5 inches long; upper surface smooth and dark green, lower surface silvery-green covered with minute white hairs.

Flowers: Male and female flowers are found in separate locations on the plant. Male inflorescence is stalked and elongated or spike-like. Female flowers are found in clusters or singular in the axils of the upper leaves.

Roots: Taproot and aggressive creeping rootstocks that sprout new plants.