Wyeth Lupine

Wyeth Lupine
Fabaceae (Pea family)

Growth Habit: Perennial plant that reproduces by seed.

Leaves: Leaflets are covered in a fine hair. Palmate leaves are composed of 6 to 8 leaflets radiating from a central point.

Stem: Branched and upright. Forms large, showy clumps up to 18 inches in height

Flowers: Colors range from white to purple. Appearance is more open that compared to other species. Flowers mature from the bottom of the plant to the top.

Seeds: Top flowers form hairy pods that contain several round seeds.

Other: Poisonous to livestock. Cattle who graze on lupine during early states of pregnancy can birth calves with skeletal defects. Poisoning in sheep can occur from ingesting less that 0.25 pounds, while cattle must eat over 1 pound for poisoning to occur.