About Us

Carbon County Weed & Pest (CCWP) is centrally located at our main office in Rawlins, WY. However, we operate all across the county in areas that include Hanna, Elk Mountain, Saratoga, and Baggs. We recently opened up a new field office in Riverside, WY that we’re super excited about! We work tirelessly to control and manage noxious weeds that invade native vegetation through many different methods of control, such as chemical application, biological, mechanical, and cultural controls. By implementing a wide array of techniques, we can more successfully target invasive species. CCWP also offers educational tools for ranchers, farmers, landowners, and the general public to increase their ability to help with the control of noxious weeds. If you have any questions regarding how you can play your part in the management of invasive species, feel free to browse our website for information or contact a CCWP representative.

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