Perennial Pepperweed (Giant Whitetop)

Perennial Pepperweed
Lepidium latifolium
(Mustard family)

Perennial pepperweed is a native of southern Europe and western Asia but is now found in many parts of the U.S. The plant readily spreads from wet or waste areas, ditches, or roadsides into cropland, range or meadows and is not grazed by either livestock or wildlife.

Growth Habit: Upright perennial up to 3 feet tall, numerous stems, spreading by seed and deep-seated rootstocks.

Leaves: Alternate, lance shaped, bright green to gray-green, waxy, smooth to toothed margins, basal leaves larger than upper leaves.

Flower: Raceme of small white flowers in dense clusters near branch ends. Each flower develops into an oval pod containing two small brownish seeds.

Roots: Deep-seated and spreading.